Outsourcing of transportation services

Outsourcing non-core tasks related to transportation operations and fleet maintenance to a professional organization.

Transportation services are provided in line with the work processes of your company.

  • Reducing the transportation function budget by 10% to 25%
  • Accessing more technologically advanced and modern transportation services
  • Real-time monitoring of transportation usage
  • Enhancing transportation safety
  • Ensuring transparency in transportation utilization
  • Opportunity to upgrade the vehicle fleet (including electric vehicles)

To assess the need for transitioning the transportation function to outsourcing, we suggest conducting an analysis of the current transportation service organization in your company.

For this purpose, the following steps will be required:

  1. Conduct an audit of the existing transportation management system with on-site visits by “ResourceTrans” specialists
  2. Perform a technical and economic analysis and develop several restructuring options for the transportation department
  3. Select the target business model for managing the company’s vehicle fleet
  4. Collaboratively prepare a project for transitioning to outsourcing
Outsourcing of transportation services

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