In today’s business landscape, IT technology plays a crucial role in ensuring the success, transparency, and safety of the services offered by modern companies. As a result, all successful companies must constantly strive for innovation and embrace the latest technologies in today’s reality.

At Resource Group, we recognize the significance of technology in the provision of services and the management of transport assets for our clients. As a proactive and innovative company, our aim is to boost the efficiency and dynamism of not only our own operations but also those of our clients.

By implementing innovations, we demonstrate that we are not only a part of the present, but we are also looking into the future of transportation services. We believe that groundbreaking technologies are one of the drivers that will help us to become more efficient and to make our clients more successful.

Facilitating communication ease and transparency
Auto Control System
Transportation safety and control
Driver’s Fitness Support System
Road Accident and Breakdown Prevention
Passenger Traffic Control
Digitalization of the transportation deployment process
Electronic Waybill Mobile App
Technical Inspection Mobile App
Optimization of medical staff costs through remote check-ups
Cash E-Teller
Efficient fleet management
Management Dashboard
Predictive Analytics - utilizing Big Data technology to develop and implement mathematical models
Auto Repair Service

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