Digitalization of the transportation deployment process

Electronic Waybill Mobile App

  • Streamlined waybill preparation process, reducing time and paperwork
  • Automatic acquisition of vehicle inspection and medical check-up data for enhanced compliance
  • Automated acquisition of electronic waybill, eliminating the need for physical paperwork

Technical Inspection Mobile App

  • Comprehensive assessment of the fleet’s technical condition for proactive maintenance
  • Surveillance over pre-trip/post-trip inspections to ensure vehicle safety
  • Automation of casual inspections for efficient monitoring
  • Automated acquisition of inspection data for accurate record-keeping
  • Remote Medical Check-up System

Optimization of the medical staff costs through remote check-ups

  • Reduced time for medical check-ups by leveraging technology
  • Arrangement of medical check-ups in remote regions for accessibility
  • Fast access to medical journals for efficient record-keeping
  • Impartiality of medical check-up results for fair assessments

Cash E-Teller

  • Optimization of cashier staff through automated cash handling
  • Elimination of human errors in cash transfer processes
  • Reduced time for cash transfer by drivers through digital solutions
  • Automated reporting for accurate and efficient cash management

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