Start of "Breakfast with Director" Project.

Resource Group’s corporate culture does not stand still and is actively developing. One of its main functions is to create a unified ecosystem, where every employee of the company feels a sense of belonging, and all the colleagues are united by a warm community spirit.

We would like to inform you about a launch of a new project — “Breakfast with Director”.

“Breakfast with Director” is a unique opportunity to communicate in a live format with the Director General of the holding company on all working issues and other concerns. This is a platform for free communication, where everyone can express their ideas to the first person of the company or raise topical issues. You can also ask non-work-related questions at the meeting.

Absolutely any employee can have breakfast with the first person of the company.

It is important to note that breakfasts will be held not only with the Director General, but also with other key executives.

At such meetings, employees can discuss changes and new processes in the company, and voice important issues, including the challenges they face at their workplaces.

For the manager, such conversations are a valuable source of information about what is going on in the company, and stories about specific situations that employees have to deal with will point to problem points that need to be worked on.

Based on experience of other companies, meetings with executives end up with new business ideas, interesting solutions and good mood.

“Breakfasts with Director” will be held on a regular basis in offline or online format.

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