ResourceTrans has made an upgrade to Electronic Waybill mobile app.

In 2019, ResourceTrans introduced a new mobile app — Electronic Waybill (EWB), the main goal of which was to automate the process of driver’s work with waybills. As with any new project, there is always room for improvement, so the app was further refined in 2021. This year, another upgrade was made to the app, making it even better, more convenient and functional.

The upgrade is based on practical experience of the app use, so the interface of the app has undergone changes, while its functionality has been expanded. The main purpose of the app use remains the same — to work with a waybill, while the process has become more flexible. Thus, a driver enters the app to familiarize himself/herself with the order details, and when the order is completed, he/she closes the order in the app and submits the waybill there.

The app has all the necessary information on completed and upcoming orders, which helps drivers to plan their work in advance. And closing a waybill through EWB helps to save their time. The app contains a useful Sick Leave section, where drivers can apply for a vacation, a sick leave or a day off.

In early December, a new version of the app was already tested by drivers at the Kaliningrad branch office.

“The app has become much more convenient — now, it is no longer necessary to record each stage of the order completing, just to enter at the beginning to view the data, and at the end to close the waybill. The functionality has also pleased me — it has become very simple and clear that even a first-grader can understand it,” shared a driver — Alexander Kravtsov. Among other advantages drivers noted the app fast operation.

Next year, the app will be updated with the “Driver’s Profile” section, which will include payroll sheets, an information block, documents with advance notification on their expiration, and much more.

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